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Mountainside Family Healthcare Clinic

Welcome to our clinic! Mountainside family Healthcare is an outpatient department of Sitka Community Hospital. We are dedicated to your family's healthcare needs.

The role of our practice it to offer high quality healthcare to all members of your family.

Our Services:

Preventive Care
Acute illness care of children and adults
Women's Health
Management of Chronic Conditions
Annual Physicals
Infusion Services
Walk in Clinic
Visiting Specialty Clinic
Surgery Clinic

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
7am - 5pm

When you are in need of tests or services of a medical specialist, our team will work hard to coordinate and track your care.
We offer extended hours, noon-time appointments and walk-in clinic hours 6 days a week.

We pride ourselves on caring for our patients and being part of our community.

Walk in Clinic

Infusion Center

Mountainside Lower Level Clinic

About Our Services

Mountainside Family Healthcare is a provider-based medical clinic and an outpatient department of Sitka Community Hospital. Our provider mix includes Family Practice and Internal Medicine Physicians, as well as Advanced Nurse Practitioners, all of whom are able to provide office based medical care for children and adults of all ages. Services include urgent care, vaccinations, preventative care, employment and school physicals and all general health care needs.

Prescription Renewal

Please be advised that all refill requests may take two to three business days to process.

For prescription refills that do not require a written copy (this includes nearly all medications), contact your pharmacy. Even when your bottle shows no refills remaining, the pharmacy will contact the doctor on your behalf. This is always the fastest way to get medication refills.

For prescriptions that require handwritten orders on blue security paper that must be picked up at the clinic, call the Mountainside Family Healthcare medication refill hotline at (907) 747-0399. It is very important when leaving messages to leave your full name, date of birth, phone number, and name of the medication to be refilled. Incomplete messages will cause delays.

Find a Pharmacy

Meet Our Team

Kimberly Bakkes, MD

Debra Brushafer, MD

Charles Roesel, MD

Richard McGrath, DO

Jeff Bentley, PA-C

Jason Koskinen, DO

Jackie Barnes, PA-C